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Imagine a sentimental portrait capturing your family or children as they are today for all eternity, photographed in a sensitive way which evokes emotion, mood and stirs memories. What separates Mr. Masana from all others is his ability to depict soft, explicit and delicate expressions. He believes during every sitting something magical happens that’s unforgettable and priceless. Today, his portrait pieces are described as soulful, poetic, one-of-a-kind artful creations which become instant heirlooms for those commissioning his art.

A blend of photography with hand-painted artistry, his painterly portraits rival the classic look and feel of a timeless painting. Mr. Masana has been honored to have these very same portrait sittings selected as celebrity gifts for both the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS and the EMMYS. Among the stars receiving them have beenMeryl Streep, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Tina Fey, Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis and Julia Louis Dreyfus, to name a few. 

Working in the tradition of society portrait painters more than a century ago, Masana conducts the portrait sitting in an elegantly appointed Presidential Suite at NYC’s charming, historic, Hotel Elysée. 

Masana’s one-of-a-kind creations echo the great Masters of Art through the ages such as Vermeer, Caravaggio and Rembrandt, communicating the ethereal beauty and connection of those he portrays in breathtaking imagery. Trained in the painting and illustrative arts, some of his early teachers harkened back to the original “Mad Men” days of artists whose works graced the covers of COLLIERS and HARPER’S MAGAZINE. It was an era of iconic illustration. He is a living link to that Golden Age of Artists. A published, award-winning photographer, today his artworks are in demand, seen in the finest homes and cherished by clients in virtually every continent in the world.

G.E. Masana's roster of clients have included, among others, Vanessa Penna (Beauty Editor, ELLE), Steven L. Kantor (Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald Commercial Real Estate), Angie Canuel (Associate Choreographer, "Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway"), Jen Chapin (daughter of legendary singer-songwriter, Harry Chapin), Craig Kanarick (CCO Razorfish), Gaines Peyton (Proprietor, SEARS-PEYTON GALLERY, NYC), Rebecca Odes (best selling author), Evan Galbraith (son of E. Galbraith, Ambassador to France).

Available Items

Children’s Masterpiece Portrait at the Hotel Elysée by Masana Value: $3,000

Capture your little one's expressions to fondly cherish when one day they're no longer the little one. Enjoy this gift certificate for a Masterpiece 14" Portrait, valued at $3,000. This portrait is no...

$500 Credit Toward Painted Canvas Finished Portrait of Your Favorite Photo

Do you have a special photograph you adore of your family, child, relative, perhaps a loved pet you cherish or a scenic photo you took you're proud of and would like to showcase? Our team of artists w...

Masterpiece Portrait for Family or Individual at the Hotel Elysée by Masana Value: $5,000

This gift certificate for a Masterpiece 20" Portrait, valued at $5,000, treats you to the luxury experience of your portrait sitting conducted in an elegantly appointed Presidential Suite at NYC’s cha...