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$1,096,040 in goods donated to charitable events since Mar, 2014


We provide high quality guitar lessons via video, audio, books etc in varied ways throughout the internet, stores and print. We are often recognized in the top three guitar lesson teachers on youtube with over 1 million subscribers across YouTube and over 100,000,000 video views. We have a $685 lifetime package that we have already provided for many charities and have raised thousands of dollars. References available on request. Some of our charities include:
Animal League Defense Fund
All Species Kinship
Girls On The Run
Tribe Of Heart

Available Items

Lifetime Membership to Unstoppable Guitar System

This complete LIFETIME access, online video guitar lesson system can bring ANY player from "day one" beginner to advanced guitar playing.  This step-by-step system was created by 40 year guitar veteran, Erich Andreas, AKA "YourGuitarSage", who is known as one of the top online guitar teachers and is author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, Guitar Mastery Simplified.  Here is just PART of what is included: This COMPLETE online video course includes over 1000 step-by-step videos, mp3s and PDFs that will patiently navigate you through EACH step of mastering the guitar.  This is like taking years of personal lessons with Erich, which would easily cost 10x the $950 price of the course. Email support with your instructor, Erich Andreas, within the system console. Anytime you have a question within the course, don't hesitate to ask! Erich will promptly respond to you personally. Live, interactive monthly video lessons from Erich Andreas.  This is a GREAT additional live video support system with Erich Andreas.  You will actually get to sit with Erich face-to-face from your computer and learn in a live setting! Who needs one-one-one lessons with this type of help? At least one hour of new lessons added to the system every month! For EVEN more information see the video at:

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