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Nonprofit Category: G - Diseases, Disorders & Medical Disciplines
Exempt Status: 501(c)(3) (IRS Form 990 Filed)

Alexander’s Hope is a nonprofit organization aimed to spread awareness of organ donation, as well as, alleviate misconceptions related to organ donation. 95 percent of Americans claim they support organ donation, yet only 54 percent of Americans are currently organ donors- a statistic that Alexander’s Hope aims to shrink drastically.

Additionally, we at Alexander’s Hope are advocates for updating Washington State’s driver’s education curriculum in order to better include organ donation into the curriculum, with hopes to increase first time driver’s license recipients’ opt-in organ donation rates. Furthermore, Alexander’s Hope works alongside The Nick of Time Foundation, to provide lifesaving cardiac tests (Electrocardiograms, and in some cases, Echocardiograms) to high school students while teaching them CPR and how to operate an AED.