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Nonprofit Category: O - Youth Development
Exempt Status: 501(c)(3) (IRS Form 990 Filed)

The Movement’s main goal is educating youth to become ethical and responsible adults. Its mission is to prepare young people for all of life’s challenges, while contributing to and taking initiatives within the communities in which they live and act.
The Scouts’ education, representing the embodiment of the Scouts’ vision, practicing the Scouts’ values and acting in the spirit of the Scouts’ promise. Love of the country and of the people is deeply rooted in this Scout’s heart.Scout is sensitive to social problems, acts to change and improve society, and protects human dignity and freedom as well as the right of every individual and group to maintain their way of life according to their faith. In addition,Scout  is expected to act with tolerance and acceptance of others, forming common grounds and providing mutual support among the many varied and equal communities in our society.

 As a result of this philosophy, the Scouts Movement constitutes a safe space, in which every Scout is encouraged and able to develop his or her personal capabilities to the fullest and use them to act for the common good.