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Nonprofit Category: P - Human Services
Exempt Status: 501(c)(3) (IRS Form 990 Filed)

Linked Thru Love, Inc. was started by two birthmoms, Heidi Russo and Jami Marcantonio, who saw the need to change the experience of adoption for the birthmoms who place their child in another woman's arms to raise up as her own.   Linked thru Love is a nonprofit organization providing mentoring & support programs for birth moms in the greater Denver area. The organization will form partnerships with local hospitals, agencies and nonprofits.   Linked thru Love's goal is to elevate birth moms beyond guilt and shame to a place of honor. Through personal relationships & mentoring a sense of honor and pride be developed to help birth moms realize their valuable place in the adoption triad.

Linked thru Love is an organization developed in direct response to the increasing number of women who are affected by negative feedback and shamed into silence for their selfless act of love in making the decision to place their child for adoption. The goal of the organization is to serve, honor, and walk with new birthmoms who currently leave the hospital alone and empty handed after placement of their child, and offer a positive support system to remedy the inaccurate perceptions that can derail their lives. 

Linked thru Love's mentoring programs will pair a seasoned birthmom, who has come to realize her value in the adoption triad, with a birthmom who has recently placed her child for adoption.  Over time, the two will participate in planned activities to strengthen their relationship and improve the birth mom’s confidence and sense of value.  Mentors will receive continuous training and will be asked to report back on how the current birthmom is progressing. (provided that the current birthmom still needs support)

Organization’s Mission

Linked Thru Love, Inc. has been formed to elevate birthmoms beyond guilt and shame to a place of honor as they realize their value in the adoption triad. We have realized that we truly are all linked for life through extraordinary love

As long as adoption has been in existence, birthmoms have been guilted and shamed into silence, hiding their experience, the child they placed for adoption and their life journey. Birthmoms have kept their child and story hidden for decades grieving their loss alone and in silence, or not at all. Stereotypes and stigmas of birthmoms along with the lack of available resources have kept them from sharing their story and finding support moving through their grief over the loss of the child.. In striving to achieve our mission, we have incorporated the following principles:

  • Commitment: Linked thru Love wants to inspire birthmoms to realize their value in the adoption triad and instill a sense of hope, strength and honor in their future.
  • Responsibility: The focus of Linked thru Love is to empower birthmoms to be proud of their heroic choices and progress to the next steps in life honorably
  • Possibility: Linked thru Love wants to expand awareness of a birthmom’s selfless act of love in placing their child for adoption.
  • Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Linked thru Love wants to surround birthmoms in a loving,  caring, supportive, and accepting environment.